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EUS California

At the EUS in California for high school graduates, you can combine 13 weeks of studying with a gap year abroad. Besides good experiences and language skills, the stay prepares you to become a trainee, start your own business or work in business.

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Why take an EUS in California?

The EUS in California is a vocational training programme for high school graduates, which prepares you for a trainee position or a job in business.

  • Experience California as an international student with lots of social activities
  • Opportunity to meet students from all over the world and build an international network
  • Boost your CV with international experience and new skills
  • Practise your English while living in the United States
  • Learn to stand on your own feet in another country
  • The EUS programme can potentially count as a stay abroad experience in a Kvote 2 application for Danish higher education
  • The price of DKK 36,900 includes virtually everything: classes, return flights, 3 months stay in a student hotel and insurance

* Read more under the section Housing in California


Practical information

With an EUS (formerly HGS) in California, you have the same options as if you studied a regular EUS in Denmark. The course is only designed for those who want to read in California. The EUS programme is constructed in such a way that it helps you get started with your business idea if you, for example, want be an entrepreneur. The course also prepares you for two years of internship within the office, retail, trade or event sector after 10 weeks.

Many of our students use the study program in California as a stay abroad experience in a Kvote 2 application for a higher education in Denmark. It is up to the higher education institution that you are applying for to assesses how much the study period counts in the application.

EUS and the 4 directions

By the first day of school at EUS, you choose one of four directions that depends on the type of trainee programme you are applying for (or have received).

The 4 directions:

Office clerk 

As a trained office clerk, you will solve tasks in an office within a specific area. You learn, for example, how to take care of customer inquiries, marketing, finances and information.

You can specialise in administration, law secretary, doctor's secretary, public administration, travel, auditing, freight and shipping as well as finances. An important part of this career path is to have contact with others, eg. customers.

You will use IT as an essential part of your work. As an office clerk you can work in private companies, interest organisations and within government institutions.



As trained within trade you will work with trade between companies. You will learn about sales, purchasing and logistics.

An essential part of the job is to help increase the value of the company's products and services so that they can be sold with profit. You learn how to obtain quotes, compare prices and quality, work with logistics and buy goods.

As a trade trainee you can work within commercial companies or start your own business.


Retail/Store programme

You learn how to guide customers and present the goods so that the store appears inviting. You also learn to buy goods and manage a warehouse and get knowledge about the store's finances.

You will be educated in a particular industry and gain a thorough knowledge of the products that belong to that industry.

Examples of industries: consumer goods, fashion, electronics, sports and leisure or footwear.


Event coordinator (requires a signed trainee position prior to starting the programme)

An event coordinator plans and organise activities, such as concerts, parties and weddings. You learn how to develop new ideas and to implement them.

An important part of the job is to indentify the right experience that suits the customer's needs. This is mostly done in collaboration with a lot of different people. As an event coordinator you also learn about finances, booking and contracts.

An event coordinator can work in public relations agencies, holiday resorts, amusement parks, shopping centers etc.

The price for EUS in California is DKK 36,900. This includes:

  • Travel insurance
  • Stay at student hotel 13 weeks
  • Round trip Copenhagen-California (we also fly from Oslo, Stockholm and Gothenburg)
  • Classes in California with subjects such as business economics, information technology, marketing and case studies
  • The school charges of $100 for guidance and practical help during the stay

Additional costs not included:

  • Deposit Hotel Deposit, $500 per room (refundable before departure)
  • Optional social activities such as camping, sightseeing, bonfire on the beach, trip to Los Angeles etc.
  • Local transport
  • Besides this you should expect approx. $20-40 a day for food.

You will receive further information about this with your admission letter.


SU (Danish student grant)

The program in California is partially SU eligible. Both Swedish and Norwegian students are eligible for a Danish student grant of approx. See for current rules or ask Niels Brock's SU supervisors who can be reached at

Autumn 2019

Application deadline: September 2., 2019

Departure: September 12.-14. 2019

Return: December 12.-14. 2019

The programme is made up of of 10 weeks of basic courses with teaching in business economics, marketing and information technology (IT), which provides an insight into business operations. The courses compliment each other and you will try to apply all three courses in realistic case studies.

Further to this there is an education-specific subject for choosing a specialisation; office clerk, trade, event coordinator or retail/store. The event specialisation cannot be selected on the California trip. The specialisation also determines the trainee position you can start after the basic course

Tuition is divided into basic subjects, interdisciplinary examples and theme specific projects. This means that you will work with themes and topics across disciplines.

Elementary courses at EUS California

  • Business Economics

Business economics is the course that you will have the most lessons in, as this is fundamental for all companies and organisations. The course gives you an understanding of business operations and what it takes to develop a business that makes a profit. You will learn about budgetting, pricing and much more.

  • Information Technology

Information technology (IT) is becoming increasingly important in a digitised modern society. The course will make you a skilled user of the Office suite with a focus on Excel and PowerPoint. You will also gain competences within start-ups and the operation of websites. At the same time, the course will provide you an understanding of the possibilities offered by the increasing digitisation.

  • Marketing

Sales will ensure that you can get your own or your company's products sold. The word marketing is often used for this course, but it actually goes a bit further. Throughout the process you will learn how to analyse what your product can offer, you learn to define targets and communicate properly to the outside world. Through the process, you will be introduced to market and target group analysis and will end up with a knowledge of how to market products through different channels in order to best target your customers.

A Scandinavian high school degree equivalent to a Danish STX, HTX or HF is required to get admitted to the programme.

Please contact our student co-ordinator Olav for further questions and assessment of your qualifications. 

Olav is originally from Norway, but also holds a US citizenship, and has worked several years for Niels Brock in Denmark. So he has a great expertise and insight into the Scandinavian and US educational sector and requirements. 

Olav Achton-Gråthen 
Phone: +45 20 15 53 48

San Diego is a port city and California's second largest city. The city has approx. 1.3 million residents and have a rich cultural life with lots of attractions. The city has many start-ups and is known for its entrepreneurial and innovative environment.

Read more about San Diego here.

Our partner university in San Diego is California International Business University (CIBU), located in the heart of San Diego.

CIBU is known for its collaboration with the entrepreneurship and innovation community in California.


You will be accommodated in a "student hotel/hostel", which is relatively close to the university. The building has a 24 hour check-in/controlled access entry, free WiFi, shared kitchen and laundry facilities, and cleaning of the rooms. In all rooms there is a TV, microwave, dishes/cutlery, fridge and towels. There is of course a desk, toilet and bath in all rooms.

You can expect to share a room with another student of the same gender.

We cannot guarantee accommodation at this student hotel. It will depend on availability, number of students and period. Alternatively, you will stay at the best alternative available.


The prices quoted are based on the current US dollar exchange rate. If the US dollar exchange rate changes, we reserve the right to change the prices accordingly.

Furthermore, we have provided prices for aircraft, accommodation, etc. For changes, e.g. as a result of price changes or alternative accommodation, we reserve the right to change the amount charged accordingly.

If this entails a price increase, you are not bound by your registration. Once you have received an invoice from us, the price is fixed.

You can unsubscribe until the payment deadline and refund the full amount paid. Subsequently, paid-in amounts are only refunded to the extent that Niels Brock has not undertaken payment obligations on your behalf, such as the purchase of non-refundable tickets or similar.


Niels Brock has not purchased an insurance covering cancellations, so if you wish, you must purchase this yourself. It is possible to buy this insurance through the insurance company Gouda.

You will receive further information on whst to do regarding visa.


Olav Achton-Gråthen Studiekoordinator