IBB - Mød Amalie Star

Amalie Star 1 IBB DIG.JPG

Hvad fik dig til at vælge IBB på Det Internationale Gymnasium?  

The reason i started IBB opposed to any other school or "linje" at Niels Brock, was because i previously lived in Singapore for 7 years, so my danish was and is far from a level where I should be learning everything in Danish. In IBB everything is taught in English besides Danish (of course) and the extra language you've chosen. And instead of joining an IB/international school, i really wanted the danish experience in a gymnasium, and i'm so happy that i decided to do that.

Hvad er godt og anderledes ved at læse HHX på Niels Brock?

I've never had HHX before, and never learnt about Business - but it's so good that we have so many different "themes" of business which we are learning. But I decided to choose HHX, because it's important i learn business when I have my own "business/brand," as my job is online.

Ved du hvad du vil bruge IBB til?

I have my own brand, and therefore it's important for me to be keeping my English in tact, as my audience are mainly from around the world, opposed to in Denmark; which means I make english videos. 

Hvilke fag kan du bedst lide og hvorfor?

I really like math but that's something I've always liked - apart from that, I actually really enjoy cultural understanding, because I love learning about identity, personality, and some history in between, etc. 

Hvilke sjove traditioner og sociale aktiviteter er der på skolen?

There are of course the traditional, fredags cafe, which I´m very new to and wasn't ready for, as in Singapore theres *nothing* like that. For the fredags cafe, we also have occasional themes, which makes it fun to dress up for. In Det Internationale Gymnasium, we have the best cafeteria-guy, as he is hosting a big party for everyone from this school, and I'm sure there'll be more - but that´s a great way to get to know people and socialise. There was also an intro party with a guest; Skinz. And for the 1.ger there was an intro trip.

Hør underviser Joan fortælle om hvor stor en rolle det internationale spiller i både handelsgymnasiets mindset men også i de mange udlandsophold som eleverne på især IBB tager på.