Advanced Management programme

The Advanced Management level builds on the foundations of the Basic Management Training, which we recommend that you complete before starting the Advanced Management level

The focus is on building the ability to manage staff sustainably, create results through work satisfaction, commitment and well-being, taking your integrity as the manager as a point of departure.

The Advanced Management level is an exciting, highly practice-based and relevant programme, which gives you the tools for becoming an even better and up-to-date manager and leader of your staff members

A management training programme is a good investment for you and your employer. Good management and leadership creates a higher level of well-being, less absence due to illness, more commitment, efficiency and effectiveness, as well as an improved bottom line.

What will you gain from the Advanced Management programme?

You will become a better and updated leader of your staff, which will enable you to handle the management challenges of the future.
The ability to apply a coaching approach to staff interviews, which creates ownership and commitment.

In addition, the programme offers you an opportunity for building a strong professional network of managers and leaders from other industries and situations. A professional network is important for your development as a leader.


Target group It is an advantage to have completed the Basic Management Training programme or another management / leadership programme before you participate in this course programme.
AMU-nr 42833
Course duration Advanced Management is a nine-day development program lasting four to six months. Between each module you will be given practical challenges that you can work with on your job. When you click Apply now you will be directed to our partner website where you apply.
Unskilled/skilled 1.550 kr.
Higher education 5.167 kr.

Begins February 10 2020 - GUARANTEE COURSE

Start and end date: Monday, February 10, 2020 - Wednesday, April 29, 2020
Location: H. C. Andersens Boulevard 2
Deadline: Wednesday, February 5, 2020 at 12:00 PM
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GUARANTEE COURSE means that it won´t be cancelled. 


Modul 1
42833 Appreciative Leadership                                                                                

10.02.20        Monday         08.10-15.30                                             

11.02.20        Tuesday        08.10-15.30                                                                   


Modul 2        

43575 The Leaders Negotiation Techniques                                                            

09.03.20        Monday         08.10-15.30                                                                   

10.03.20        Tuesday        08.10-15.30                                              

11.03.20        Wednesday   08.10-15.30                        


Modul 3

49442 The Leader's Tools to Prevent Stress                                                            

02.04.20        Thursday       08.10-15.30                                                                  


Modul 4

44633 Coaching as a Management Tool                                             

27.04.20        Monday         08.10-15.30                                              

28.04.20        Tuesday        08.10-15.30                                                                   

29.04.20        Wednesday   08.10-15.30                                                                   


9 days

Practical information

Module 1 42833 2 days Appreciative leadership
Module 2


3 days

Leaders negotiation techniques

Module 3 41387 2 days The leader´s tools to prevent stress
Module 4 44633 3 days Coaching as a management tool

Module one: Appreciative Leadership (two days) (42833)

The appreciative approach is common to all the modules. We shall consider the appreciative approach a fundamental requirement for becoming a good leader and manager, and as anoperational dialogue tool for the development of staff members’ professional and personalcompetence, which secures a forward-looking and solution-orientated approach to problems andconflicts.

Benefit gained: After completing this module, you will have acquired knowledge that prepares you for handling the management and leadership challenges of the future.

Module two: The leaders negotiation technique (three days) (43575)

Various forms of negotiation are integral to the life of a business enterprise, large as well as small, internally and externally with customers and suppliers. This module will strengthen your impact and ability to create win-win situations. We shall work on the phases of negotiation, the win/win philosophy, the negotiator’s preparation, tips and tricks, as well as the technique behind a successful agreement. As negotiation is essentially communication, we shall delve deeper into the tools of communication and their significance for successful negotiation. You will learn to apply various techniques for asking and listening that will strengthen your negotiation position.

Benefit gained: After completing this module, you will have acquired tools that enhance the climate of your negotiations and enables you to make a greater impact.

Module three: The leaders tools for preventing stress (one day) (49442)

Stress prevention and the psychological working environment is a highly current issue in times of constant change. You will learn methods for identifying issues in relation to the psychological working environment and stress, and use this as a basis for implementing initiatives that promote a good psychological working environment and prevent stress.

Benefit gained: After completing this module, you will be able to identify and prevent stress among your team. In this way you will be able to improve well-being and commitment.

Module four: Coaching as a leadership tool (three days) (44633)

The coaching approach is highly relevant to the modern leader. This module will teach you a basic level of how to apply correct coaching methods in various situations, for instance in relation togroups/individuals and formal/informal coaching. Using coaching techniques will make it easier for you to involve and gain commitment from your staff members in the discharge of their work.

Benefit gained: After completing this module, you will have learned methods enabling you to involve and gain commitment from your staff members in a far more effective way.

 In general, the teaching forms are mostly based on activity and experience. In this way, you have the opportunity to relate pro-actively and personally to the topics. You may also experience the use of recurring assignments or cases, fictional companies or games. You also learn a great deal from the experiences of other participants and that is why work, discussions and dialogues will often be conducted in groups.

Brief theoretical input, practical exercises, discussions, group work.

Advanced Management Program is a recognised Danish labour market program (AMU) and a qualifying course in relation to public higher education. Therefore, there is a public subsidy available for the program. This means that you are only required to pay a small fee if you are entitled to AMU support.

The program is aimed at managers with the appropriate educational background and vocational training level.

Participant payment is DKK 1,550.00 per participant for the entire program.
For participants with a third level qualification the fee is DKK 5,167,00.

All AMU courses ends with a mandatory test. Read more


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